4 days…6 guys and 8 fish 50 “or bigger on Mille Lacs Lake.

4 days…6 guys and 8 fish 50 “or bigger on Mille Lacs Lake.  Do I have your attention NOW? The longest fish was 52 3/4 x 26″ caught by Gregg Thomas a Kentucky Guide. The coolest catch was by Bill, a Madison Guide and Bob of Forest Lake, MN. They caught a fish at the same exact time with a 45″ and a 50″! But by far the heaviest was 51″ x 29” according to Musky Hunter Magazine weighting 53.6 lb. caught on a pacemaker. It was before first light in the cabbage bed on the South end of Mille Lacs.  My clients were from Kentucky so they were not used to catching Minnesota fish! We were about 15 minutes into the trip and he hooked this monster! It hardly made a ripple when she ate the bait. Believe it or not she didn’t even fight-she was too fat!

After I measured and girthed her, I started making calls trying to get an estimated weight or try and figure out what the state record weight was. After 20 mins and MANY photos later we as a group decided to let her go. She had a very small head, so she obviously had a lot of life left in her. Once we started showing pictures and talking to many people about this fish, it was then that we realized that we let go of the state record! The next time she is caught (and there will be a next) she might just be the world record! The story will be even more exciting for the next fisherman!

…by the way, Minnesota State record was set in 1976 with the muskie weighting 54 lb.

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